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Six Pack
Six Pack
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Against Homophobia
We have decided to do something against. And we hope you will, too.

And please be patient while the movie's loading, its worth the time.
26. 12.2007 23:30 MET by Gunnar

Letter by Joe Solmonese, President HRC

The President of the Human Rights Campaign has sent gaynewsboard the following letter, which is now republished here.
15. 08.2007 19:38 MEST by gaynewsboard

A Biblical Affirmation for God's Homosexual Children
quote (Rev. Bruce Lowe):

The Homosexual's Nature is: 1) Unchangeable; (2) Normal; (3) God-created; (4) Superior

Normally, gaynewsboard.net would refrain from commenting on theological Issues. But the recent past has shown a few things, which dramatically have shown the need for such a comment - or, to choose a better word, a clarification. Therefore, the following article is republished with the full permission of the owner. And, as it is not one of our articles, we can say its really worth the reading. Have fun reading the "Letter to Louise", written by Bruce Lowe.
08. 01.2006 08:49 MET by gaynewsboard

POP - Westlife: Face To Face – United In Diversity
by Julia Jung

© 2005 by SonyBMG

No Problems with Feehily's Coming Out, according to Westlife members

Westlife's singer Mark Feehily has made headlines by revealing in August, that he is gay and proud of it. Answering the question, why he did so, he replied, “I just thought it was the right time to be honest to the fans. I am a private person and I did not have the necessity to talk about my sexuality in the past, but I want that people know the truth about me. I am gay and proud of me, the way I am and perfectly happy.”
29. 10.2005 19:02 MEST by gaynewsboard

Recently Found: A Clip You Shouldn't Miss
Click the picture below to view the video clip.

This Video is 4,79MB in size and may take a while to load - please be patient
18. 10.2005 01:18 MEST by sccherokee

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